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Seattle Sponsors for Rush Limbaugh for 3/19/12

TheStopRush Project list will be up soon, check here to volunteer, find news & comics to use in your own posts: http://stoprush.pbworks.com/....
The list can be daunting, still, so we're hoping for the next few days, people will focus on contacting sponsors who provide a home service or product, so we can concentrate our efforts. We'll see if it makes a difference, choose a new target group. Thanks!
We are trying something new today, a twitter account dedicated to tweets to sponsors who are on twitter. Our idea is that you can just zip down the row and retweet (or cut & paste), to save you time. You’ll find it at @stoprushseattle. Please let us know there or @kirklandreader or @coopster04 whether it is helpful. If not, we’ll put the energy elsewhere. Thanks!
The list below is a compilation of all ads that have run since last Wednesday, and @coopster did our listening and tweeting to day, for which we are grateful! Some local sponsors only run every few days, and some we have contacted, like Porcello and Marci Jewelry employees, were unaware their spots aired during Rush Limbaugh’s show on KTTH 770, and are contacting owners to see whether they’ll continue. Until we have confirmation a sponsor has asked for their spots to be pulled, we’ve told them we’ll keep them on the list. Our conversations have been very pleasant, we’ve just explained we’re working toward making political discourse more civil, and so far this has been well-received (I’m sure they won’t all go that way). I have been telling sponsors I think it will only get worse for sponsors who stay on, once the national database is up. Please contact us if you have any sponsor updates for us; we want to thank sponsors who’ve dropped, in addition to taking them off the list. You can reach us at @Coopster04, @Kirklandreader, and @stoprushseattle.
Many thanks to Jorve Roofing for pulling its ads from KTTH! Please thank them, via @JorveRoofing, 425-455-9899, or FB. They thought they’d pulled ads before by calling KIRO Radio, but when I told them ads were on Limbaugh’s show on KTTH, they said they’d call them to make sure ads are pulled.
 Seattle Sponsor List for 3/19/12 (Also includes recurring, intermittent sponsors from 3/14, 15, &16) 
Advanced Hair Restoration, Advancedhairseattle.com, 425-449-8185, on Facebook
AAMCO Puget Sound, National Info: @AAMCOCarCare and 800-462-2626, on Facebook, Local Info: http://www.aamcopugetsound.com/... Auburn (253) 248-4035, Bellevue, 425-296-0382, Everett (425) 341-0759, Kirkland (425) 318-1741, Lynnwood 866-251-5705, Olympia (360) 347-1456, Puyallup (253) 200-1226, Seattle, 866-504-6994, Shoreline, 866-698-5233, Tacoma/Fircrest, (253) 248-4017, Tacoma/Lakewood, (253) 248-4232
Adair Homes , http://www.adairhomes.com/
Aging Options (Life Planning Seminars, etc.), @agingoptions, 877-762-4464, on FaceBook
Ally Bank, @allybank , 877-247-2559
Amberen, @amberenonline , 1-800-222-3304, http://www.amberen.com/ , on FaceBook
Antioch Bible College, 425-556-5905 (think staunch Limbaugh supporter) B2B Leads (marketing company), @b2bleads 1-800-239-0011
Barracuda Networks, @barracuda, 877-386-3763, 888-268-4772,s Barracuda.com
Bellevue Rare Coins, http://bellevuerarecoins.com/... Bellevue 425-454-1283, Lynnwood 425-672-2646
Best Mortgage, Best Mortgage 425-649-6000
Bickford Ford of Snohomish, @bickfordford , 800-771-4057, Bickford.net
Bowen Scarff Lincoln Ford in Kent, 888-295-4037 (takes a message), on Facebook
Brennan Heating, @BrennanHeating, 206-248-7900, 425-641-6710, 877-273-6626, e-mail: [email protected], on FaceBook
Budget Battery, @BudgetBatteries, Lake Forest Park: 206-365-8015, Kent: 253-839-5880, Lynnwood : 425-778-8684
Calypso (radiation prostate cancer) MEDIA related questions: contact Meryl Ginsberg 650-424-6444
Cedar Park Church in Bothell, ad for D’nesh DeSouza appearance, 425-488-3600, [email protected]
Chandlers Crabhouse, @SchwartBros (owned by them), 206-223-2722, online email contact form: http://www.schwartzbros.com/... on Facebook Chuck Olson Kia and Chevrolet, 1-800-599-8489, online chat rep: http://www.chuckolsonkia.com/... on Facebook
Debt-Free Bible, 800-500-1142
Dr. Jim Colman,DDS, http://www.jimcolemandds.com/... 206-242-4477, on Facebook
Dr. John Gerard , (Erectile Dysfunction, Seattle Male Medical Clinic in Northgate), 206-905-2458, 877-819-8282
Emerald Queen Casino, , @EQCasino, http://www.emeraldqueen.com/... 1-888-831-7655, 253-594-7777, http://www.emeraldqueen.com/...
Exclusive Home Realty Redmond 425-296-3015 http://activerain.com/... Harley Dufek
Fairplay Financial, @FairplayRealty, 855-418-3952, http://fairplay.com/... on FaceBook
Financial Revival, http://www.myfinancialrevival.com/... 888-656-8850
Fireside Hearth and Home, @firesideHH, 425-251-9447, http://www.firesidehearthandhome.com/
Fujitsu (ad for their consumer air conditoner), @FujitsuAmerica, 888-888-3424, e-mail: [email protected], on Facebook, but page looks like mostly about their computers. They have so many divisions, good to mention that Limbaugh ad for consumer air conditioner)
Geico, @Geico (ad at 9:05, show airs 9-12 in Seattle) A station workaround? This has happened several times
Gingrich SuperPac, Winning Our Future, @winourfuture
Guardian Roofing (in Tacoma), 877-926-9966, email: [email protected], on Facebook
Grasshopper Mowers, Tukwila 206-762-9050, Ethel, Wa 360-978-5551, Troutdale, WA 503-667-5000, http://grasshoppermower.com/...
Haider Construction, in Montlake Terrace, 425-771-3515, email [email protected]
Hewlett Packard (advertising The Folio), @HPCorp, email the CEO page: http://www.hp.com/... on Facebook
Hillsdale College (staunch supporter, Rush delivers ad), 517-437-7341
Hurrycane (fold-up walking cane), 800-933-1136, e-mail: [email protected], on Facebook
Infiniti of Kirkland, , @infinitiofkirk , http://www.infinitiofkirkland.com/... 1-888-379-4186 (New Sales), e-mail contact form: http://www.infinitiofkirkland.com/... on FaceBook, http://www.facebook.com/...
Insperity, @insperity , insperity.com, http://www.insperity.com/... , corp. 281-358-8986, 1-800-237-3170, on Facebook, Spokesperson is CBS Sports Team member, Jim Nantz, twitter for CBS Sports is @cbssports
Insulation NW, @insulationNW , 1-866-841-2110 Puyallup http://www.insulationnw.com/...
Integrative Foot and Ankle Centers in Kirkland, 425-820-8699, seattlefootdoctor.com
Jolley Law (bankruptcy lawyer) , 866-761-8970, JolleyLaw.com, on FaceBook
King and Bunny’s Appliances, 425-277-0600, [email protected]
Lear Capital, @goldcoinpro, 1-800-957-4653
Lifelock, Rush delivers ad, @LifeLock , 800-543-3562, [email protected], on Facebook
Longevity Medical Clinic 1-800-866-6864
Marci Jewelry, 425-455-4561, [email protected], on Facebook
Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood, @MBLynnwood, http://www.mblynnwood.com/... 425-673-0505, on FaceBook
Milgard Windows, @Milgard, Seattle 206-682-3000, 425-643-4700
Morgan Silver DollaNew York Mint, 800-700-5542
Movers Express @mynwdeals
Nature B – more research needed, not sure which of several companies
NW Travel Deals, @NWTravelDeals, http://nwtraveldeals.com/... (seems linked to Clear Channel or radio website), on Facebook
Northwest Face Sleep Apnea Seattle, @nwface, 206-525-2525 Kirkland 425-576-1700
Paramount Equity 425-289-8000
Pacific Power Battery Stores, [email protected], 800-326-7406
Perk Street Debit Card, @perkstreet, 866-792-2834, on Facebook, Google+
Porcello Jewelers, 425-454-2300, [email protected], on Facebook
Priceless Granite, http://pricelessgranite.com/... 1-800-261-7735, on Facebook
QuickenLoans, as sponsor of QLRacing.com , @quickenloans (You’re the boss sweepstakes), ad on 9:01, very beginning of Limbaugh time slot – station workaround?
Ram Jack, 206-242-5255, http://www.ramjack.yadaya.com
Redfin Realty , @redfin, 877-973-3346, on FaceBook
RhinoShield/ Supershield Ceramic Coatings, @Rhino_Shield, http://www.rhinoshield.net/... , http://rhinoshield.net/... 888-744-6612, on Facebook
Robert L. Steinberg, Atty. http://robertlsteinberglaw.com/...
Rosetta Stone, @rosettastone, 800-767-3882, online contact form: http://success.rosettastone.com/... also on Facebook
Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center , 206-367-4673, 800-321-9272, [email protected], on Facebook Schick Shadel, 800-500-6395, e-mail: http://www.schickshadel.com/...
Sleepers In Seattle West Seattle Junction 206-932-8500 www.sleepersinseattle.com
Sound Mortgage, [email protected], 253-874-8900
Southwest Plumbing, @swplumbing, 206-932-1777
Speedpass (keychain RFID electronic payment device for ExxonMobil), [email protected], 1-877-733-3727, on Facebook
Stock Market Recovery, on Facebook, 800-333-4567, stockfraud.com for e-mail contact form, says on twitter, but button broken, couldn’t find @
Tax Resolution Services 1-866-447-7767 http://www.taxresolutions.com
TE Builder (builds steel structures) 360-653-8400 cell 425-971-5216 , e-mail: [email protected] [email protected]
Thechinaplan10.com: leads to this: “China’s Secret Plan to Bankrupt Millions of Americans,” http://www.stansberryresearch.com/...
TILA Mortgage, Live chat pop-up, http://www.tilamortgage.com/... 206-660-766-8888, 1-877-8452, [email protected] Quietus (tinnitus treatment, medication), 800-713-3420 United Healthcare, Mercer Island, 206-236-2500
The Total Transformation (child discipline system), 800-326-0285, on Facebook
West Seattle Coins, http://westseattlecoins.net/... 206-938-3519
Whitfield Dental Implants, 206-575-1000, http://www.enhanced-smiles.com/...
Yardley Institute (chiropractor), http://yardleyinstitute.org/... 253-529-1100, on FaceBook
Charities: Kars4Kids, @Kars4Kids NW Children’s Fund Search Dog Foundation United Way of King County
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Puyallup Tribe Indians Emerald Queen Fife, Wa: Game Over ... Only in Tacoma: Emerald Queen Casino Shooting Puyallup Emerald Queen Casino Covid-19 Coronavirus ... Native American Puyallup Tribe 's Emerald Queen Casino ... New Emerald Queen Casino opens in Tacoma - YouTube Mega Meltdown Jackpot 35.6K!!!!! Puyallup Tribe's new Emerald Queen Casino - YouTube Take a peek at the swanky new Emerald Queen Casino - YouTube

Puyallup Tribal News staff writer . The sounds of construction – deep rumbles, clanks and beep-beep-beeps of heavy equipment – are happening outside the Puyallup Tribe’s new Emerald Queen Casino. Inside the building, the noises are a little more muted – zings of drills, swishes of furniture moving furniture and spritzing of cleaning ... EMERALD QUEEN CASINO & HOTEL IN TACOMA. 2920 East R Street, Tacoma, WA 98404. CALL US 253-594-7777 . THE PUYALLUP TRIBE OF INDIANS. Quick Navigation. Gaming. Promotions. Dining. EQC Players Club. Event Calendar. Covid-19 Guidelines. Career Opportunities. Contact Us. Open 24 Hours a day. 1-253-594-7777 . EMERALD QUEEN CASINO & HOTEL IN TACOMA. 2920 East R Street, Tacoma, WA 98404. DIRECTIONS ... Emerald Queen Casino To Reopen Monday - Puyallup, WA - Emerald Queen Casino will reopen to business Monday, May 18, but with a few new safety restrictions. Emerald Queen Casino. 5700 Pacific Hwy E. Fife, WA, 98424-2515 United States (253) 922-2000 . www.emeraldqueen.com. Company Type: Corporation Independent. D&B Business Directory. Get a D&B Hoovers Free Trial. HOME > BUSINESS DIRECTORY > LODGING > CASINO HOTELS > UNITED STATES > WASHINGTON > FIFE > Puyallup Tribal Gaming Enterprises, Inc. Company Profile. Unlock more with a D&B Hoovers FREE ... Emerald Queen Casino; Puyallup Tribal Health Authority; Marine View Ventures; Salish Cancer Center; Qwibil: A Natural Healing Consultation & Reserach Center; Puyallup Tribe of Indians (253) 573-7800 3009 East Portland Ave. Tacoma, WA 98404 M-F : 8-5 ... By Puyallup Tribal News staff . Editor’s note: This is the second in the series, showcasing the newly installed Coast Salish artwork at the new Emerald Queen Casino. This month’s profile is on Puyallup Tribal member Anthony Duenas. “I have been doing artwork since I can remember,” said Anthony Duenas, Puyallup Tribal member. The Emerald Queen Casino is just a quick drive north from Motel Puyallup. Roll on down for slots, poker, dice, bingo, and all of your favorite games at the the Emerald Queen Casino. Emerald Queen Casino Website www.emeraldqueen.com. OPEN 24 HOURS (7.7 miles from Motel Puyallup) Emerald Queen Casino I-5 2024 E. 29th St. Tacoma, WA 98404 58 Emerald Queen Hotel & Casinos Graveyard jobs in Puyallup, WA. Search job openings, see if they fit - company salaries, reviews, and more posted by Emerald Queen Hotel & Casinos employees. Find 7 listings related to Emerald Queen Casino in Puyallup on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Emerald Queen Casino locations in Puyallup, WA. Find Emerald Queen Casino jobs in Puyallup, WA. Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers.

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Puyallup Tribe Indians Emerald Queen Fife, Wa: Game Over ...

Mega Meltdown Jackpot hit hard. Emerald Queen Casino Puyallup, WA. Sorry it was filmed sideways I lost...1.00 bet Fife releases police chief's personnel files http://www.komonews.com/news/local/132367948.htmlFife police officer under investigation for second time this ye... Emerald Queen Casino Lock it Link slot machine awesome win - Duration: 1:38. ... Suspect, 16, in fatal Puyallup convenience store robbery appears in court - Duration: 0:43. The News Tribune 645 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The $400-million casino covers more than 310,000-square-feet and includes five restaurants, a buffet, coffee shop, and a sports bar. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Puyallup Tribe’s new Emerald Queen Casino will have more gaming machines, five restaurants, a 2,000-seat entertainment venue and an adjacent hotel with rooft...