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DriveThruRPG Halloween Freebies

On each of the following pages, there is a spooky Halloween image, like a Ghost or a Jack-o-Latern, that adds a free item to your cart.
Copied from AuthorX work here.
  1. The Halloween Sale page has Kids on Bikes when you click the Jack o Lantern.
  2. Library page gave me Monsters and Other Childish Things: Curriculum of Conspiracy.
  3. home page - Witch hat on top of "Recent History", which gave me Fear Can't Hurt You (A Halloween Scenario), for ELEMENTAL.
  4. "Genre: Horror" Jack-o-Lantern that gave me Die Laughing - Preview Edition 2 (at this point I'm looking up locations from past years)
  5. Account -> Products Awaiting Review -> Ghost, ICONS: Casino of Corruption
  6. Account -> Newsletter Settings -> Witch hat, Malicious Mischief for Shadow of the Demon Lord
  7. Account -> Change Address -> Jack-o-Lantern, Mystic Times: Saraahd\'s Secret Shrine [Adventure - Tier 1/Low Level] for Pathfinder
  8. Account -> Show all orders -> Jack-o-Lantern, The Demonic Interference at New Ritupis Church for AD&D 2e
  9. About Us -> Jack-O-Lantern at the bottom of the page, Head Shot! Zombie Apocalypse Action Roleplaying for Cortex Plus (it requires the C+ Hacker's Guide and/or Cortex Prime SRD)
  1. Front page -> Meadowshire (Fairies) Coloring Coloring Book
  2. Halloween sale page -> Heroes of the Mists, player options for D&D 5e (Ravenloft)
  3. Horror Genre Search -> Tales from the Evil Inc Archive: Halloween (Oct. 2013), a comic
  4. Library -> Contamination 1: The Onset, a novel
  5. About Us -> Fearless Vampire Hunters: A Card Game for 3-6 Players
  6. Awaiting my review -> Shadowman (2018) #1, a comic
  7. Change my address -> Letters from the Dark Side, a collection of stories
  8. Newsletter settings -> "Create your own Image" Zombies Clipart
  9. Show all orders -> Bats in Your Belfry, a card game
  1. Front page -> Children of the Night, monsters for D&D 5e (Ravenloft)
  2. Halloween sale page -> Southern Monsters, a collection of short stories
  3. Horror Genre Search -> Ghost Car, a papercraft model
  4. Library -> Adam 2.0: Black Swan #01, an actual comic
  5. About us -> 'Til Undeath Do Us Part, a novel(?)
  6. Awaiting my review -> Chick'n Butt (chicken butt), a card game
  7. Change my address -> Jawbone Grief: The Demon and the Dead #1 (One Shot), a comic
  8. Newsletter settings -> The King in Yellow, a collection of short stories
  9. Show all Orders -> Ghostly Tides #1, a comic
  1. Front page -> Monsters of Horror, for D&D 5e
  2. Halloween sale page -> Delta Green: Sweetness, a DG scenario
  3. Horror Genre Search -> Little Fears: The Wolf Pact, a novel
  4. Library -> Sins of the Father, an RPG
  5. About us -> The Black Spot, a storytelling game
  6. Awaiting my review -> Dead God Trilogy Book 1
  7. Change my address -> Don't Read This Book, a collection of stories in the world of Don't Turn Your Back
  8. Newsletter settings -> The Island of Dr. Morose, a novel
  9. Show all Orders ->Lights Out - Book 1, a children's book
  1. Front page -> Sins of the Father
  2. Halloween sale page (the banner takes you to DTRPG but you can change the domain back) -> Quick Encounters Cursed Woods
  3. Horror Genre Search -> 5E Holiday Mini-Dungeon (bundle)
  4. Library -> Whispers of the Dead, for D&D/Pathfinder
  5. About us -> Head Shot! Zombie Apocalypse Action Roleplaying, for Cortex Action Roleplaying
  6. Awaiting my review -> The Stuff of Nightmares (Level 18 PCs), for D&D 5e
  7. Change my address -> Weresheep, for D&D/Pathfinder
  8. Newsletter settings -> Halloween Horror, for Call of Cthulhu
  9. Show all Orders -> Eldritch Fauna, for Call of Cthulhu
  1. Library -> Monsters of Horror
  2. Horror Genre -> Little Fears: The Wolf Pact
  3. Halloween Sale Page -> Seasonal Surprises Vol 1
  4. My Wishlist -> A Night of Masks and Monsters (A Requiem of Wings #1)
  5. Newsletter -> Festivals, Feasts & Fairs
  6. Reviews -> Children of the Night
  7. Basic/Expert Line -> B5 Horror on the Hill (Basic)
Storytellers Vault
  1. Library -> Beckett’s Vampire Folio 1: Carna’s ReBellion
  2. Wishlist -> Demon Translation Guide
  3. Halloween Sale Page -> New Blood
  4. Contact Options -> We Eat in the Dark
  5. Reviews -> Mage Translation Guide
  6. Werewolf the Apocalypse Line -> Rage Warriors of the Apocalypse
  7. Mage the Ascension Line -> The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal
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