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non partisan guide to the next 2 and 4 years.

Trying to be non-partisan, just a watchers guide for observers.
Again just a non partisan guide, for what it is worth.
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[Table] IAmA: I live in Charleston, West Virginia where we have a poisoned water supply. AMA

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Date: 2014-01-14
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Did somebody poison the water-hole? Yup a bunch of pricks who work for freedom industries.
On a more serious note, do you have a clean source of water? If not, is there any chance I could help you get some? I have been given a few cases of water from the local charities near by. I thank you though.
What are the supermarkets like? How are you getting water? When did you shower last? I showered once on Saturday in the rain. That was a manly shower in the cold hahaha.
Edit. The markets where like a rumble pit the first night but things have calmed down since the FEMA aid and other donations.
Do you think there will be a push for more regulations because of this? How is the public opinion getting on about Freedom Industries and the management? Lets just say if this was olden days they would have already put the operators of the plant up on a pike.
How are businesses dealing with this, especially restaurants? They are angry and have already filed many civil law suits.
I know some local businesses are going to be hurting. I live near a local famous restaurant known as Rio Grande and a few of their employees often come to my work and have said it may be a month before they're allowed to serve food again. Yeah the Mardi gras casino and hotel has closed basically since no one wants to stay in a place that doesnt have clean water.
When they give the all clear, something like the ppm is now at a safe level, will you trust them? No I will not. Not until its 0 ppm. The water smells sweet and tastes like cheap whisky on the tongue. I won't even bath or do laundry until the smell and taste it gone. It will be a few months before I stop buying bottled water.
How do you feel about small government and regulations? Being that the state you live in votes heavily's a serious question. I'm absoultly dumb founded that this facility had so little over site and I have already talked my local law makers and, though way to late, we will be over hauling how we regulate our chemical plants here. If the Koch brothers don't cock block us. They invested in freedom industries and lobby here often to deregulate our coal and chemical plants.
Freedom Industries! Free to Poison the Free! Edit: verds r hurd. Seriously though, I probably consider moving if I lived there. Although where could one move to when everything is polluted :L. Not really a place we could go that doesnt have some group of jerks ruining it.
I have family that lives in Comfort and Cross Lanes, so thank you for doing this! I just came across a notice that people should turn off the ice-makers in their refrigerators because contaminated water could reside in there for weeks or months. Is that warning one you've seen publicized? No it has not, but the AW president does suggest flushing "appliances" but I feel like if you don't say specific equipment people won't realize what they should flush out and not use. I know some hotels are pretty much closed down and have gotten in trouble by the health department for not turning off the ice machines.
Edit: check out the other posts im wrong about the notifications
They specifically list ice makers on the instructions they provided. One thing their instructions don't say is to remove the regulators on the faucets before flushing. If you don't...all this petroleum jelly gunk gets up in there. Thank you for the clarification, i did forget about the rubber seal issues.
Link to Wow thank you, i just checked my sink, sure enough there it is. i added your post to my OP.
What it smell like? It smells sweet
What have you had to change in your daily life in order to cope with the current situation? Yup no showers and no eating out.
If the girlfriend hasn't been showering I can't really blame you. huehue!
Man, how many days of this can you take without going nuts? Did you try to collect rain water or something? I have gotten some rain water, i got a few gallons when it rained i used to clean myself with.
Do you think not having a drop of clean water will finally encourage West-Virginians to vote for their best interests and clean out those corrupt Republicans that keep their state hostage? If we voted tomorrow yes, a few weeks or months from now...idk.
So when are you guys expected to be able to have safe drinking water again? Some are in the "clear zone" but many of us still have undrinkable water.
Will you feel paranoid about the safety of the water from now on?
I will for at least the next 6th months.
Do you think people will start using the water immediately when authorities say the concentration is no longer lethal (but there are still traces)?
Some will, some might start washing laundry but many of us will still only drink and use water from other sources.
Are authorities getting fresh water to people or have most people gone without? Yes we have gotten good aid.
Do you think this will finally cause the majority of your fellow West Virginians to stop giving a free pass to anyone in office that is blindly Pro Industry and completely against enacting any new kind of environmental regulations? I don't think the people are really on chemical plants side so we will be out spoken. Its when they talk about coal people get stupid.
Hey there, the poison water is on tour and coming to my city Friday, besides getting bottled water, is there anything else I should do to prepare? They say our filtration and our river's dilution will make it a non-issue but I'm not buying it. Stock up water to use to clean your self and dishes/clothing as well as water for any animals
If you jump in the river, will you get superpowers? Or super cancer? I won't be the first to try it but if I hear any reports I'll let you know.
Heck with're y'all doing without Tudor's Biscuits??? It is really sad, i want my Mary B.
Has your body been acting differently since the leak? Did you drink any of the tainted water? I'm healthy I avoided consuming any but I have tasted it once and spit it out.
How did this happen? I don't often read/watch the news. Freedom Indus. was a distributor for Georgia Pacific, which is owned by the Koch Brothers. the Koch brothers have lobbied west virginia under the "americans for Prosperity" group name for deregulation of many environmental standards. they got their way in this case.
This facility was a storage facility and being that they didnt produce anything they had very little oversight or regulations to abide by.
I dont know for sure but a mix of the cold blast and FI's incompetence for upkeep and repair the storage tank broke open. instead of FI calling anyone they just layed some cinder blocks and a bad of absorbent material. after some complaints the DEP found the source, check out my OP to read the events as they found it.
Jon Stewart had something to say on the turn of events as well Link to
TLDR Freedom Industries are fuckers and basically tried to kill us all with their stupidity and greed.
Freedom Industries. I hate to wade into the circlejerk, but Freedom Industries has owned the Etowah River Terminal site for a grand total of two weeks as of today. Still their fault though.
Thanks for doing this. Just wondering if you have heard about anyone ingesting or coming into contact and getting sick and having to goto the hospital or be hospitalized? I have heard just coming into contact with the contaminated water can have serious effects. Hope this resolved for you soon. Idk about long term but 4 people I know of have been admited to the hospital for drinking the water. And a few people at my work the next day ignored the warnings and where very red from the showers they took.
How do you think this spill will affect your local wildlife? Are there areas nearby that hold water such as swamps, lakes, etc. Are there produce growers that will be impacted? ITT Biology concerns. I cant tell you honestly, maybe Unidan will help us out.
My guess is animals are pretty smart about water and if its good or bad. the fish, idk. honestly i dont know how many fish we have in these rivers anyways.
My question is this: Why hasn't someone in WV congress been forced to drink the water? Seriously, for decades these guys are more than happy to serve up anything and everything that big business wants at the cost of the people that live there. Just curious. Well this time the mayor of Charleston and the capitol its self has been effected so they will do something im sure, since it did affect them. but most of the time the way your thinking is right.
Have you witnessed anyone just absolutely losing their shit over all this? Just the media.
I'm assuming you don't want to bathe in this "water"... What are you plans for getting clean? Or are you just going to go full caveman for a few weeks? Edit: I guess you could get one of these Haha yup I did get one of those. They kinda suck though. I also showered in the rain.
Are you sure rainwater won't be affected soon? It could be but the water absorbed into the air here wont come back down on us, it will rain this chemical somewhere else.
Somehow i really don't like the sound of that. So the news is saying it smells like black licorice, and you said it smells like some kind of cheap whiskey... Does it smell like sambuca? It smells sweet and tastes like cheap whiskey.
I haven't heard much about it. I was in Morgantown over the weekend. I took a shower. I'm not gonna grow an extra arm am I? Nah your up river you are ok.
Do you still have to go to work? I would cry if I couldn't wash my hands at work, and I am just an event coordinator. Yeah my job has provided me with MREs and water, if i worked up at the big distribution center id get showers to, but alas...
Has beer consumption skyrocketed in the area ? ( i swear this is not a joke ) No idea but i imagine it would.
Are you in the area where water has been lifted and if so, have you taken a shower yet, and did the water smell? If not, when was your last shower? Mine has been "lifted" but still smells terrible and i wont taste it. i also learned that all the seals/filters in my apt need replaced.
Are they waiving everyone's water bills for the month? They are crediting us 1000 gallons. but i think it should be free until we get 0 PPM.
Have you developed any super powers? Projectile diarrhea may or may not be a super power. I guess that would be a matter of creativity
This reminds me a lot of the Texas Fertilizer plant explosion back in April for some reason. Link to The substance that killed up to 15 people, injured 180 and wrecked the buildings in a five-block radius. Yeah i thought about them as well.
What is in the water down there? 4-methylcyclohexane.
Did you vote Republican? No.
BTW, Freedom Indus. was a distributor for Georgia Pacific, which is owned by the Koch Brothers. Wow thank you that explains there involvement.
The name freedom industries does sound pretty sinister. Sounds like an 80's evil corp name.
Are you looking forward to the moment you have to drink your own piss. From what iv seen...not really but ill find out if i need to get treated for diabetes or not i guess lol.
Man, J. You look like a skinny Zack Galifianakis now. Hahaha yeah im gearing up for /Beards karma whoring soon.
I live in Huntington, WV, about 40 minutes east of Charleston, the site of the leak. The amount of MCHM has been less than 1 PPM for three days now, and nearly all of Charleston and surrounding areas are back online now with safe drinking tap water. If you think your so tough come down here and drink a tall glass of it. and try and tell me its "safe"
OP's water is currently not "poisoned," as he put it. Iv flushed the systems here and at work the smell and taste is still very strong. and ANY PPM is to much to have. its not something we should think about ingesting at all.
Was Jesco as cool in person as he seems on tv? I hear the whole family is terrible people.
Do you know the White family by chance?? Not really, they tend to stay in prisons most of the time.
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